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Wes Cutter is one of the first seven (7) people in the USA to receive his 21st Century Clockmaker Certificate from AWCI (American Watchmakers & Clockmakers Institute)

There are now 15 in the country with Wes Cutter's qualification.

Cutter Edge Clocks & Watches repair includes all forms of clocks and watches. Trained by St. Paul Technical College (The oldest and best program in the USA ) in the repair of:

  •  American time and strike clocks
  • European and American cuckoo clocks
  • 400 day or Anniversary clocks
  • European tall case, Grandfather and chiming clocks
  • European exotic clocks, Orreries and perpetual clocks, whistling birds, etc
  • Electric and electronic clocks with or without animation
  • American and European Watch repair

Granted the title of 21st Century Certified Clockmaker in 2007.  One of the first seven in the country and fully certified to repair every and any clock.  Sworn to uphold the standards and practices of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers institute  Granted the title of CERTIFIED CLOCKMAKER by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute, the National Certification group in 2004. ONE OF ONLY TWO IN THE STATE OF MINNESOTA,& ONLY 122 have been granted in the USA with only 50 still practicing.  Also has now completed helping with the development of the 21st century Watchmaker certificate and has taken and passed the certifying test for the  21st century Watchmaker.  A full service shop, for Watch repair and Clock repair, with ultrasonic cleaning, lathes, and offers guaranteed work.. Member of American Watchmakers/Clockmakers Institute, and National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Inc, also a board member in the local Minnesota Watch and Clockmakers Association and currently Secretary of that organization, as well as sitting on the advisory board for the clock and WOSTEP watch program at St. Paul College.

Cutter Edge Jewelry is a complete jewelry repair and custom design division.  Received a jewelry repair certificate in 2005 from St. Paul College, and has equipment for investment (wax) casting, 3-D wax computer controlled cutting machines, Lapidary and all forms of stone cutting, faceting,  and polishing,  Electro plating, and all forms of metal processing are possible also.  Don't see yourself coming and going get a custom piece of your very own.

Cutter Edge Consulting provides many services to many market sectors. For example:  Consulting for a British based company and coordinating their Intellectual Property issues (patent filing and trademark docket) and lawsuits (patent infringement) around the world.  Also Cutter Edge stays current on the state of the art in the fall arrest industry, bicycle industry, medical industry, and others industries that Cutter Edge has interest, or customers in and advises on width and breadth of patent issues.  Cutter Edge has also done inventing to order helping in 500+ trademarks, 200+ patents, and has 20+ issued/pending patents. Cutter Edge does rapid prototype modeling, using, AutoCad®, CadKEY®, and Solid Works®, and can get a it done faster and cheaper than many. Cutter Edge is fully familiar in all forms of plastic design, mold design, and manufacturing management (injection, vacuum, insert, extrusion, and rotational molding). Completely familiar with, and a teacher of many manufacturing techniques (Lean, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Quality Circles, JIT/Kanban). Cutter Edge also has done men and women's fashion design, camping gear design, and fabric design. Recently appointed by the Governor of Minnesota to the Minnesota Board of Invention, and serves on other boards as requested.

Cutter Edge Tutoring is one on one Math instruction for any age.  Wes Cutter is a formally licensed Math Teacher for High School and has taught Geometry in inner-city Minneapolis schools, Statistics in Minnesota College schools, and many classes in basic math principals and statistical process control to production workers.  With a motivated student anything is possible so if you are looking for some help in Math use the contact us form.


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